As a parent try not to introduce cheating as an option to pass. Once the child enters highschool/college the crowd steps in “lets try this/let’s do this” unless there’s a teacher with the same attitude as the author, who mold students well. Author seems a great teacher…I know he. Great article!

What's Not Wrong?

Academic cheating is not my favorite topic to think, talk, or write about. Too negative. But when cheating surfaces in our schools and classrooms, we’re better off if we know how to approach it and respond.

This blog post was jump-started by a Chicago Tribune article today that quoted my distaste for sites like, so I’ll begin there. I’m not a big believer in – a subscription web site that some schools use to prevent plagiarism. Schools that use require students to upload their work to the site before submitting it to the teacher with a “receipt” indicating that it has cleared’s plagiarism detectors.

Why should we base our schools’ cheating policies on such a presumption of guilt? When we use procedures to prevent cheating that impact non-cheaters, we contaminate their attitudes toward learning. Schools requiring students to submit their work to before it will be accepted by a…

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