oh mothers


Generally, mostly, some…It is given when you’re a mother, you’re more sensitive, more understanding, more caring, more loving, more dramatic, etc.
and more and more body weight arrgh…(generally, mostly, some…)


Mothers in nature are caring and sensitive people, but mostly they’re not! Some moms to moms are flatulent to each other, some are conceited, others superior, snobbish and so on.



Mothers are supposedly in ‘tag teams’, uplifting another mom whose down or praising for a job well-done either way a mom is much more and deeper than sister-hood; but the way I see the mothers around me are not as motherly as ‘one’ should be. Some mothers tend to ‘I know that-more than you do’, I’m more organize, I’m happier, I’m thinner/sexier or the most creative mom and so on…Being a mom is not a race, it’s not a competition to beat other moms. I think mothers should complement, encourage and help each other. Am I making sense?

Mothers should embrace each other in a warm way, just like some mom bloggers who find time to share their tips and techniques.
In my case, co-parents in school, ‘the mothers’ are more on the gossip side, rude and making fun if someone gains weight, clothes weird, skin, hair, just like the old high school days but this time a mother is trying to fit in!
oh well, how I wish I can express my self better in english (grammar). I don’t know if I made a point. still, this is my blog my own expression, my feelings, my thoughts, these words don’t make me less than a mom, does it?
just a mom trying to fit in ☺


20120815-105013.jpg oh really ha?

*above photo:card from my son πŸ’—β€πŸ’“
*web images


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