Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Series of my own construal of Near and Far Photo Challenge:



True or False ?

Background performance: feeding baby whales & dolphins

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Reality Check: Near and Far
In reality, near and far for us “as family” is a sensitive one; being far to work abroad and yet near to all the modern technologies we’re given nowadays.

In this photos; my husband is still near yet far from my kids, the glass wall divides us; looking throughout with heavy sad hearts.

hands on the glass so near to see, so far to touch. 

Holding on a handkerchief suppressing the strong emotions; constantly wiping the tears away 

And with this challenge the word near and far is basically a word that places sadness in my heart.

😦 I know I’m a drama-queen, I should, I must, I’m a mother!


23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

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  2. Thanks for your emotional interpretation of the challenge’s topic. I had to work far from my hometown and my family for year and a half, so i understand that well.

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