Sunday post: Morning

My first entry for Sunday Post:  Jakesprinter 2012 Water Dragon

“The word morning originally referred to the sunrise but today usually refers to the period of time between 5:00 AM and 9:00 AM. Morning precedes afternoon, evening and night in the sequence of a day.”


Busy mornings during school days

no good mornings without steaming coffee with creamer please….

morning parade, my son’s drum & lyre band

along the road…


another day, a new hope, a new blessing, a new beginning….

12 thoughts on “Sunday post: Morning

    • ☺ Its loud but rhythmic sound, in the tune of The Yellow Submarine  song.
      During school days 7am-9am is Manila’s rush-hour.
      Different kinds of students parade is done as part of school’s celebration activities and to pay tribute to our country’s celebrations & anniversaries.
      Thanks so much and I appreciate your comment ❤

    • So sweet! Thanks for the comment and likes 🙂 Yes indeed everyday is colorful.
      The last photo wherein that cart is basically the ‘home’ of homeless owner of the cat & dog. She finds time to take good care of her pets, see the chubby cat and the white fur dog

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