let me catch it slow

oh those late post, been busy and struggling 😦

my youngest son got sick but thanks God he is ok now and able to play and dance again.  He loves to dance and crazy about this Psy, Oppa Gangnam Style dance craze.  He even tries to teach me those silly steps but he manages to look so cute and adorable and I look so silly and stupid. I attached a video just in case you’re curious about Psy and his dance craze. I’m not really like it at first but you have to support your kids and just be into them.

just a bit of hi 🙂  and to reply on some comments (sorry for the late replies).  I was on the turned off mode and mixed emotions, anxiety, depression perhaps and off I go; I’ll try to catch it slow.

3 thoughts on “let me catch it slow

    • oh Thank You Ms. Linda! you are so sweet and I really appreciated it so much as I appreciate and love your poems, your lovely blog that transport me to more love 🙂 , hope and life! thanks again so much!

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